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More on the City Centre “Masterplan”

Exciting m50million city centre revamp to change streetscape

A TOTAL makeover of O’Connell Street, William Street and other streets leading off the main street, will transform Limerick into one of Europe’s most vibrant and living city centres.

Details of a 50million euro regeneration plan for the city were unveiled to the mayor and local councillors on Monday.

City manager, Tom Mackey, said that the aim of the regeneration plan is to give pedestrians priority in the heart of the city, improve streetscapes and traffic management.

“This plan will give Limerick a vibrant and living city centre to match the best cities in Europe of comparable size. Remodelling of the city will complement the major regeneration of the city centre that is currently underway, with the private sector investing over one billion in developments such as the Opera Centre, new hotels, commercial and residential projects,” he said.

Tied in with the remodelling and pedestrianisation is the development of a new orbital route that will give traffic access to the heart of the city.

One way orbital routes in city centres are considered a very efficient and safe way of moving traffic with up to 50 per cent less turning at junctions and a decreased risk of collision, according to Pat Dromey, director of traffic and infrastructure,

As well as facilitating the pedestrianisation work on O’Connell Street, the new orbital route will allow for wider footpaths and boardwalks between Bishop’s Quay and Arthur’s Quay, along the riverside.

“The orbital route around the city will create a mainly one-way, two lane clockwise traffic system that will be divided into three sections, northern, central and southern,” outlined Mr Dromey.

The northern section will travel along Arthur’s Quay, Charlotte’s Quay, Clare Street, Lelia Street, New Road and Cathedral Place. The central section will travel along Sarsfield Street, William Street, Upper William Street, Sexton Street, Roches Street, Shannon Street and Henry Street. The southern section will travel along Parnell Street, Mallow Street and Henry Street.

Included in the remodelling programme are new, high quality pavements, improved pedestrian crossings, new street furniture, street landscaping, tree planting and the removal of some on-street parking.

O’Connell Street will have wider footpaths and improved landscaping to give priority to pedestrians and there will be pedestrian priority treatment for all of William Street, with the widening of footpaths and improved landscaping.

The city manager, Mr Mackey, points out that the new National Development Plan lists among its priority investments for the Limerick-Shannon Gateway, “the significant upgrading of the public areas and streets in Limerick city centre and the reimaging of Limerick through a major urban renewal initiative.

“Limerick City Council is in the process of advancing many schemes to design and construction stage that could avail of the Gateway Innovation Fund,” he adds.

The Council will shortly tender for the remodelling of Upper Thomas Street and Catherine Street, and the remodelling and pedestrianisation of Fox’s Bow and Limerick Lane.

Emphasising that where established, pedestrianisation has produced a better trading environment, Mr Dromey said that Limerick traders who have experienced pedestrianisation, are on record as stating that it has improved their business.

He also said that the introduction of orbital routes has successfully reduced the dominance of cars on city streets.

Urban designers, Nicholas de Jong further outlined details of the city centre regeneration, which they said will produce attractive street areas to include market stalls, an upgrading of the lanes to produce a series of pedestrian links, major upgrade of the riverside, including Clancy Strand, O’Callaghan Strand, the Curragower Bund, Steamboat Quay and Sir Harry’s Mall, John’s Square, Wickham Street, the Milk Market, Parnell Street.

“O’Connell Street is a very distinctive linear form but it is somewhat drab at the moment and the plan is to transform it into a pedestrian boulevard with a central space for performance, areas for cafes and an attractive central feature to signify a new city centre,” said Mr Nicholas de Jong.

Mayor Leddin confirmed that a period of extensive public consultation is to commence immediately. He also invited the councillors to take part in an in-house seminar on the regeneration programme, to take place shortly. Mr Mackey said that advertisements have been placed regarding the consultation process.

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