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Has anyone seen an ad in Today’s (28/02/07) Independent Property supplement? It’s for a building on Bedford Row. First look, it looks like any bland block. Second glance and it reveals itself as as the old Central cinema/ Unitarian Church. – with a glass atrium in front!
Surely the only reason that pp would be give to remove the old cinema front would be to expose the church building and create a little space in front of it.
This proposal is one of the most hideous and short sighted I’ve seen in a long time.
When Bedford row is “completed” it will be all shiny and new – just like Cruises st. was 10 years ago and then in 2017 it’ll be just like Cruises st. is now.
The only architecturally interesting thing on Cruises st. is the arch and doorcase on chapel lane.
The only architeturally interesting thing on Bedford row, now that the pretty Georgian houses at the end of the row are dust, is the Unitarian church, designed by Limerick’s most preeminent architect, James Paine.
It is no exaggeration to describe Paine as Limerick’s Gandon or Cooley.
How is this allowed to happen in 2007?:mad: 😡 😡

I don’t agree at all. Bedford Row was a tip. That Cinema was a disgrace and I’m glad to see the back of it. I like the idea of the glass in front of the church front because thats all there is there, is the front. Its not a full structure. If it was I may think differently. By framing it with glass it highlights whats left of the building. Would you prefer a modern building behind an old Church front. I wouldnt. Not all of the front is intact either, only from the first floor up.
That “pretty” Georgian building(there was only one) was falling down, ugly and surrounded by/integrated into the Savoy which was also a tip. I’d personally prefer to see the building thats going there than 1 Georgian building preserved for the sake of it with nothing nearby to compliment it. Henry St is shaping up nicely with a mix of very modern buildings and the preservation and renovation of things like the Hanging Gardens in the old GPO site.That i’m all for. 100% for the preservation of things but that building would look very odd on its own, I’m glad to see the retention of the Georgian terrace on Patrick St for the Opera Centre but that will work there and compliment its surroundings but keeping one ugly building(badly damaged to the back and side by the Savoy by the way) on the corner of a street with very modern buildings on it would not achieve much imo. I think that was one of the mistakes made when the Savoy was built. There was no continuity between Henry St and Bedford Row and on a shopping street, that building never served any purpose.
Limerick has load of Geogian buildings and it is great to preserve as much as possible but that building you are talking about would not look well beside anything that was put beside it. I’d much prefer to see the focus for preservation on things like Mallow Street and the Catherine Street buildings you pointed out in an earlier post. These are terraces of Georgian buildings which would look amazing restored correctly and suit where their current locations but Bedford Row does not have much in the way of Georgian heritage and hasn’t for a long long time. I just don’t think that one building was worth saving.

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