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On a brighter note!

Five potential iconic projects

FIVE potential iconic structures have been short listed by Limerick’s business elite to attract an additional million visitors to the city over the next ten years. A multicultural village, an Irish Diaspora centre and a multi-purpose events centre are three projects chosen from more the 50 suggestions during a series of brainstorming sessions

A project manager will now be assigned to each of the five proposals, which will be put through a rigorous evaluation test over the coming months. “They will all have to condense their projects and see how feasible
each one is,” said University of Limerick Prof Eamonn Murphy chairman of the group. The statistics professor
said of the five shortlisted projects, more than one is likely to see it to completion. “There will be more than one but
there can’t be five main projects either,” he said.

The multicultural village, which has been likened in design to the Dubai Palm, would compose of separate villages
for each community, complete with language centres and restaurants. Each village would be connected by canals and bridges and would reflect the architecture, culture and cuisine of its particular country. A giant globe of the world, which would be lit up at night, would form the centrepiece of this development.

The events centre, which would be larger than the 1000-seater University Concert Hall, is intended to be used for
gigs, various events and conferences.

But three key challenges have now emerged. “We need to have the project within the city environs, we need leadership and a single voice, that’s independent of politics. The biggest challenge is to develop a leadership
structure that’s not up in lights and is driving this forward. The real question is how much money will private people be able to put up,” he said Five bodies – Atlantic Way, Shannon Development, Limerick Chamber of Commerce, Co-Ordination Office and the University of Limerick- have been spearheading discussions regarding the development over the past two months.

Locations and costings for each of the five projects have yet to be defined. But, Dr Edward Walsh, former UL president, believes that money will not be an issue once the right project is earmarked. Dr Walsh is a key member of the group involved in picking the iconic structure.

The River Shannon has also been highlighted as an underutilised attraction in the city, which should be made the focal point of the city. However Prof Muprhy said “it’s difficult to get money out of the river. We’re looking
at how we can do that too.”

23 February 2007 Limerick Leader

Its sketchy to say the least, but would like to hear more about this “Dubai like” proposal, good to see we still have a sense of humour here in Limerick!:)

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