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@CologneMike wrote:

Convert Potato Market into a Green Park?

I believe the Potato Market came into existence in the 19th century after the filling in of the Merchant’s Quay? The Limerick Civic Trust in one of their numerous conservation projects, redeveloped the Potato Market for civic and market usage. My proposal would of course undo their great work here but I think it would be a worth while exercise to consider other options?

My proposal is simply convert the market into a Green Park similar to the one on the other side of the Abbey River, i.e. the Custom House Park. It would mean removing the high walls that run between Mathew Bridge and the Curragour Boat Club and replacing them with low railings. These high walls demonstrate Limerick’s old negative relationship to the Shannon which was to “build with it’s back to the river”. The high railings and gate entrance would remain intact on the Merchant’s Quay. Trees and greens would replace the cobbled stone surface. A new Boat House would complement the park.

The major problem here is that there is very little awareness of the Custom House park and especially the potato market. The custom house park is basically only part of a walking route from arthurs quay on towards King Johns castle,(see picture below) there is no room for expansion here either as the grounds of the Hunt museum are imediately adjacent to the park.

As for the potato market, i dont think many Limerick people even know what it is!.. im sure for many its just known for being a handy place to park!:o I dont see many “civic events” taking place either, how often (if ever) is a market held there? The potato market has been home to “Ireland on ice” for the last couple of festive seasons but apart from that it seems to be lying idle, the Sylvester O’ Halloran pedestrian bridge is hugely under-used aswell. Im sure this isnt how Limerick Civic Trust invisaged things!

I think CologneMike has it spot on with his suggestion for a new park, the potato market is large enough to be developed into a significant public amenity, it is also in a high profile location next to city hall and some popular tourist attractions which would ensure pretty high usage. The development of a new public park here would also present an opportunity to right the wrongs of Arthurs Quay Park which has been such a dismal failure!

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