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I know it is a very hard egg for an oppressed country to swallow, to admit that a conquering nation, built most of our infrastructure and left very little of that expertise lying around, for when we need it nowadays – but that is much closer to the truth – than trying to imagine, that we have some submerged Celtic ‘spirally’ River-Lord-of-the-Dance, kind of magic with spatial problem solving. As if, we can just conjure up this magic, or pull it out of our arse, after 700 hundred years, making potato ridges. To attempt to brush right over that historical legacy, is simply the worse form of hypocracy – and you tend to encounter it all the time – in our design professions. So to try and push the blame off on a politian, for a lack of any tradition we have in building things – is just another saddenly reflection on our whole culture today. What is more – it is going to be extremely damaging to the young Irish people growing up now – who might help us out in this situation.

Brian O’ Hanlon.

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