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@kefu wrote:

He writes: ‘The government’s solution is to add an extra lane to the M50 orbital motorway and upgrade its junctions to remove traffic lights. The famous Red Cow roundabout will become a mass of concrete flyovers.’ – implies that the Red Cow roundabout is famous for a good reason and that a flyover will somehow be damaging to the environment.
He writes: ‘Ireland is one of the most car-dependent countries in the world. Irish motorists drive on average 24,000km a year, far above the UK’s average of 16,000 and even topping the US’s 19,000.’ He uses this little-used statistic because car ownership rates are still low by international standards and it doesn’t suit his argument.
He writes: ‘The numbers of people commuting by car to Dublin in the morning rush hour increased by 149% between 1991 and 2001.’ But since then – the numbers of cars entering the inner ring has actually fallen.

I can sort of understand alan d refuting the contents of the Guardian article, as he is not here to see it and experience it on a daily basis, but somebody who apparently lives and travels around here every day also refuting it is surprising (?).

I think this Irish Independent article posted by anto back in July is worth a look again:

And I wouldn’t even be as pessimistic as Colm McCarthy at the end of the article!

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