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@kefu wrote:

Tara, which symbolically puts the other two in the shade, will be a long fight and the anti-campaign have already rallied an incredible selection of experts, conservationists, archaeologists, historians for a necessary road, but one that really won’t have the impact that GOTD or M50 completion had.

I agree that a coalition of very high calibre academics from both sides of the Atlantic and specific industry professionals are deeply opposed to this routing, I wouldn’t however give Vicent Salafia and Ruan Mac the credit for this, in fact I’d almost say that more support would have been forthcoming if a more moderate element were leading the campaign.

To spend 120,000 on newspaper ads when the arena that really matters is the Four courts was some waste by the NRA, and I heard tonight that the e-voting system has further revelations to come. Aparently the password to open the system could have been accessed through the help menu i.e. any of us could have voted a million times.

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