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Diaspora, it’s actually my post you’re querying.
I am challenging the Guardian article as a piece of journalism, not the general sentiment behind it.
In 1997, 73,561 cars travelled past Dublin City Council traffic monitors on the Royal and Grand Canals. By November 2002, the number of cars had fallen to 64,721. May have changed since but it’s a remarkable and little remarked-upon statistic.
I just personally feel these quotes by Ian Lumley are an embarrassment: ‘You have to look at this as an American country.’ But then again in a country where Michael Moore’s books top the bestseller charts, this kind of insulting meaningless nonsense is to be expected.
This one is nonsense: ‘The Irish mentality is inherently antiregulation and anti-officialdom. One of the theories is that this goes back to British occupation, to dodging the constabulary, dodging the revenue, getting away from the landlord, hiding pigs under the bed, hiding chickens in the roof and so on.’
I’ve been listening to that crap for years and I don’t buy it. It’s the lazy man’s way of excusing the fact that the regulations have not been enforced by officialdom. Eg Penalty Points, which worked when people believed they would get caught. When they realised, they had f**k all chance of getting caught, they began ignoring them.
Re Stonehenge – fifty metres versus 2400 metres. You are not comparing like with like. The situation in Wiltshire is the equivalent of having the main road running so close to Newgrange that the visitor centre has to be connected by a tunnel.
I don’t what Independent story you mean about Cullen – is it the Ireland on Sunday stories about Monica Leech?

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