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Frank Taylor

@asdasd wrote:

The reson we have problems in Dublin with “sprawl” can hardly be divorced form the number of people living in the city, and the increase in the population.. The main reason for population increase is mass migration into the city. Planners could hardly have planned for the number of people who are now coming to live here since it is unprecedented.

Immigrants are one factor leading to extra demand for new housing but there is also: lowest mortgage rates ever, huge increase in average earnings, huge reductions in income tax, collapse in equity markets and interest rates making property a more attractive investment, demographic bulge in the 20-35 section due to higher birth rates in the 70s, a reduction in average household sizes due to Irish social changes, availability of buy-to-let mortgage products … But increased demand doesn’t have to mean sprawl. It’s not as if the planners had great sustainable plans for new housing that were knocked out of kilter by the arrival of immigrants. We had already built dismal, low density, sprawling housing for 300,000 in Clondalkin, Tallaght and Blanchardstown by the time the first immigrants were arriving in the 90’s. Whose idea was it to build car-dependent housing for people who couldn’t afford cars? Was this some kind of a joke?

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