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I cleary said “racist or zenophobic” as a way to curtail debate on the issue.

Another way to curtail debate on the issue is to be “funny”, and to not deal with the issue at hand, but to see gristle of meat on you plate. HaHa.

There is hardly any doubt that immigration benefits the elites of Irish society ( the Capitalist classes and Dublin 4, for instance) at the benefit of the poor. That is why the Boss classes and their representatives in IBEC are in favour, as are the organs of elite opinion – the Irish Times and the indo, and third level institutionsm and even the Unions who represent State workers ( whose jobsa re not at risk) . And you, of course. Please disclose your class background, by the way. I am from the inner city, although my parents were lower middle class, my extened family is working class.

It is quite easy to do a thought experiment on this. Lets say that 300,000 people come to Dublin next year ( this is a thought experiment. I agree it is unlikely to happen at that level )

who benefits?

1) Capitalists can employ more labour cheaper. Supply and Demand.They already admit this happens, a recent IBEC whinge was that they could not employ Irish people at the rates they emply foreigners. Part time female workers in the Inner city are getting screwed as it is.So wages fall as labour supply increases. Economics 101.
2) Housing prices goes through the roof as demand for beds accelerate. Rent too. Supply and demand again. This advances the class interests of the rich, property owning Middle class, rentier classes, and speculators. It is not the only reason why prices go up, but is a major factor. Immigration works against the interests of everyone hoping to buy a home, and is a major reason prices are now rising – since we are building plenty of houses.
3) Beyond that everyone who drives to work, or who takes public transport suffers,as the resources ( roads and rail) remain static and the demand increases.

Feel free to answer that argument rationally.

You may also want to ponder why you expect working class communities to work in your class interests, it is in their class interests to have controlled immigration (and I certainly do not support none), and your class interests to have unlimited migration, since whatever class you belong too probably has barriers to entry not available to the under skilled working class ( and if your answer here is that you do not believe in unlimited migration then name the figure you are happy with, and the issue between us is one of numbers.)

The present rise in Dublin city houses prices is 10% a year. Houses are built at the rate of 80,000 a year, yet that does not meet demand. Immigration must be a factor.

The price increase means anyone with more than 300K in equity ( and there are people with far more than that ) sees a net worth gain greater than the average industrial wage, and, of course, no one on that wage, and more, can expect to buy a house. That screws half the population, and more.

If we are to have mass migration, then we should immediately impose a massive property tax on people with 400K, or more, equity in their houses, to fund the resources needed to rezone land, and to fund public transport.

Now tell me why you think the elites are not the main beneficiaries of mass immigration, looking at gristle on your plate will not do.

(And while we are at it, name a property speculator opposed to mass immigration)

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