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My mistake; I was actually giving you credit of being xenophobic instead of just being stupid. What the hell has racism got to do anything and why did you bring it up?

You actually believe that immigration is the reason we have urban sprawl and causes damage to the environment? You really believe that nobody noticed Irish urban sprawl before the Guardian printed that article or that it hasn’t been an issue in Irish planning for years? You really believe that supporting the M3 is an expression of humanism? These are your claims and I’m saying they’re rubbish.

( I am also opposed to mass migration for the effect it has on lower income workers and the house price rises which make Dublin 4 snobs richer – I wonder if the reverse were trun would you luvvies be so in favour of mass migration). Your class hatreds make me sick.

When I read this, it was like looking over a horribly gristley piece of meat on my dinner plate wondering which end to start from before thinking, fuck it, I’m not even going to bother.

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