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and he’s off again…….

Having presribed body status and having 80 to 90 per cent of its appeals overturned makes An Taisce rather un-toothless. The thing is you would need about 50 An Taisces (or An T to be 50 times bigger) to combat the level of environmental degradation and bad development in Ireland (you would also need more enviromental awareness on the part of the government, developers & the general public)

The Guardian article was all too true, but it lost impact because it just went through the issues one after another – at the end you’re left thinking ‘who would want to do anything about all of that?’ Then again, you have to consider it was written for a UK audience – we are yused to being drip fed these issues by Treacy Hogan and Frank McD, so it may be a good thing for the Brits tio hear about it this way.

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