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@FIN wrote:

why would a developer pay for something better when the same shit they have been doing and building cheaply will sell anyway. the profit margin decreases…doesn’t make economic sense. while i agree that they should be better it’s a simple matter of sums…

Lets all lie down and die then and let some ignoramus build a car park over us.
While on the matter of sums could someone please explain to me why on the one hand you’ve got shoe box apartments built for investors to cram in money making human units, then on the other you’ve got low density housing estates completely underusing the land to its full potntial if its money they’re after.
Can no one with a brain see a middle ground. Are spacious 3-4 storey apartments with large balconies/outside areas/ roof gardens really that crazy a vision of what’s possible with a much larger return than a wasteful housing estate.
Boggles me.

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