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That article is more akin to something you would see on Indymedia than in a proper newspaper. It’s more a polemic than it is a report. He talks about windfarms as some kind of panacea for all our problems yet it is conservationists who have opposed most of the wind farm plans. A lot of the points he makes are accurate, I just think the tone is a little rash.
Also, just on a point of interest regarding the M50 – the original plan for the junction at the Red Cow was for a single-level signal-controlled roundabout. It was only after a lot of lobbying that this was changed to a grade-separated junction.
When in reality what we needed all along was three-level junctions at all the major intersections of the M50. I read on Platform 11 that only the junctions between the Airport and the Red Cow should be made into spaghetti junctions.
But thas is exactly the thought process that will leave Tallaght, Dundrum and Sandyford gridlocked in years to come.
Saying that the redeveloped M50 won’t meet capacity, so therefore we should just leave it alone, is just moronic.

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