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Frank Taylor

@P11 Comms wrote:

Tonight Waterford Council outlined a plan for a new town of 12,000 people based entirely on a new ring road as the only transport access.

To be fair to the council, I’m not sure that there is any rail in the city boundaries: I think it’s all just North of the river in Kilkenny. The planned town is to be fairly high density, allowing for most local journeys to be completed on foot. As regards public transport, they just need a good link into Waterford city. Maybe the council could reserve some of the land going into the city for a right-of-way bus corridor to be upgraded to LRT once the demand is there.

As for the article, I guess that sprawl has been the result of well intentioned but mistaken planning policy rather than anything else. Presumably developers would have been happy to continue building additions to old towns at the existing densities, had it not been for 4-to-the acre planning rules.

Sprawl puts a massive gulf between the city residents and the countryside. Bring back walled towns! City or country and nothing in between- certainly not 8 miles of ulta boredom.

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