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Councillor wants ‘special understanding’ for rural drink-drivers

A Co Clare councillor has said rural dwellers should be excused from drink-driving.

Fianna Fáil Councillor Flan Garvey said people who visit pubs as their only social outlet are familiar with local roads and drive more carefully and slowly, especially when they have had a few drinks.

It appears that Councillor Garvey is out of step with his constituents

Call for anti drink-drive message in pubs

30 January 2006 13:07
The Macra Na Feirme organisation in Co Clare is calling for the introduction of a ‘don’t drink and drive’ message to be printed on drinking glasses in pubs.

Group Chairman Joe Carrig is asking brewery companies to become more proactive in their response to drink driving.

He said Macra represents young people from all walks of life that live in rural areas and are dependent on cars.


Young people are not immune to the relentless advertising by drinks’ manufacturers, he added.

‘Couple the vibrant youth of our membership with the pressure to consume alcohol and a car dependence because of a lack of rural transport and we are a vulnerable group,’ he added.

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