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The M50 was designed as a by-pass of Dublin, but it has turned into something completely different.
I agree that some of the junctions need to be upgraded as they were badly and cheaply designed. I remember about a month after the M50 first opened, there was people pointing out that the Red Cow Jtn was badly designed. The Government at the time said that it would cost £4million to fix. So of course they did nothing. But later when traffic increased they installed a quick fix of traffic lights on roundabouts, which leads to the mess we see today.

The biggest fault with the M50 is it does absolutely nothing to get commuters to the heart of the city without having major congestion. Now rail on the other had has proven itself time after time to be a superior form of transportation for getting commuters in and out of a cities heart.

If the government put the same investment into rail as they do with roads, well to put it simply, half the roads projects would not be needed like the widening of the M50 and the Naas Road or even the proposed M3.

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