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MrX, I think the point that struck me was that the population of Dublin is declining and that the rest of Leinster is taking up the slack with huge population growth based on a unsustainable pattern – in particular by building large suburban housing estates in rural or semi-rural areas of Leinster. So the damage isn’t confined to the urban space of Dublin – the whole of Leinster is slowly being wrecked.

I travelled quite a bit over the Christmas period: Dublin to Limerick, then Tralee, then Galway and then to the west of Mayo before driving back to Dublin. I was genuinely depressed by the destruction of the countryside and the poor quality of the planning and development which is going on all over the country. The fact that I was reading the Frank McDonald/James Nix book at the time may have made me hypersensitive this year. But your claim that 90%+ of the country is being developed properly does not tally at all with my experience.

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