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I watched the discussion on Primetime will interest.
Many might try to blame the system but surely someone has been dishonest here?
The inspector on Primetime stated that “inner rooms” were constructed in apartments which is fundamentally against fire regulations (TGD B) This is the crux of Priory Halls apartment scandal, as it can not be argued that the works “were covered up or inaccessible“.

If the “inner rooms” were constructed then the Design didn’t comply with Document B, the structure was constructed contrary to a condition on the Fire Certificate and the opninion on compliance was deeply flawed.

Who signed the Opinion on Compliance with Building Regulations / Control?
Was the signatory a member of a professional body?
Even a basic visual inspection would have spotted the “inner room” which was to be removed as a condition on the Fire Cert.

I note the RIAI has been very silent on this issue. Yet in the past RIAI sought to be seen as a protector of Consumer Rights.
Surely the RIAI must advise the public on this matter & take appropiate action against any member that may have been involved.

I believe that severe prison sentances are the only remedy to Priory Hall apartments. The public must be protected from one of the worst instances of non- compliance in the history of the State. The residents have suffered terrible hardships.
Shame on all those involved.

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