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I think that there’s a danger of going off on one here. Typical RTE sensationalism- has anyone actually seen a plan or a recognised professional actually inside an apartment explaining to anyone what the issues actually are (if indeed there are any inside the apartments)? If a journalist – and I use that term loosely when it comes to Prime Time – had actually asked anyone what was actually the issue then maybe it wouldn’t be such an issue. Of course, Miriam wouldn’t have been able to climb on her high horse otherwise

This saga, me thinks is going to be a ” David Grant” moment for the brotherhood in Merrion, who are so silent at the moment. Looking at the drawings shown, no person calling themselves an “architect”, or otherwise, could have made such a basic error, unless they slept right through their fire safety lectures, but! we can blame the fire dept, whom did not seem to spot this obvious error, we can blame the engineers, the surveyors, the builder, and the planning office as well, we can blame the banks, and ultimately we can blame the poor sods whom bought these death traps, but woe behold, lets not blame the architects responsible for the design and certification of the structure. I for one am not the person to close ranks around “one of me own” , unlike the legal and medical profession, and I will call a spade a spade, and s***e s***t (can I say “shite” Mr Clerkin ??) This appears to be a major cock up, of untold magnitude by the architects, and I feel this will be the catalyst for a shake in the whole , self certification system, and will lead to a system the same as found in NI, and the UK, where building control will check the works, in tandem with the inspecting architect. I see another major stream of income now being withered away, thanks lads..

also this is manna from heaven to those unqualified successes, to those lads in the AA, they must be pointing their broadside cannons towards Johns battlements on the square. It will interesting to see how both sides handle this propaganda piece?

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