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You say there are practically no houses left with originals on your street – even if there is just one, that alone can be all you need to find out the design.
I’ve passed so many terraces where there’s nothing but a single house left with originals, and you think thank goodness for that, but at the same time if the owners are exposed to the allure of PVC, then the last remaining record is gone!

In your case, it’s more than likely single pane sashes were used – ‘one-over-ones’ as it were, were standard by 1880 or so.
A good indication of the original design is often the replacement windows themselves – if the aluminium frames are divided into two panes, then it’s likely this is what they once were in sash form, likewise if ‘two-over-two’, with a total of four panes.
You could also take a peek around the back of the houses on the street and see if there’s any originals there.
Alternatively you could find out what developer built your house, and find other developments by them in the area. They more often than not used the same windows. The developer’s name may be on the deeds of the house.
If you cannot find anything, or don’t have any info, the joiner making up the sashes will generally have a good idea – although this still isn’t as good as having accurate frames!

Don’t be afraid to ask neighbours who may have originals if you can measure up their frames for copies – this is the best way of getting accurate frames made up, and most people who have originals are those who appreciate them & are willing to ‘share’ them with you.

(As an aside, there should be lots of places in Dublin at this stage to recycle the aluminum frames)

Congrats on making the big backwards step forward 🙂

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