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I wouldn’t know any joiners – others here will be able to recommend.

Ah the classic stained glass in aluminum move – classy 🙂
Can I ask if your house is detached, semi or terraced? Your neighbours should be able to tell you what windows were in their house originally if they changed them at the time. Frankly if it meant trawling through neighbours’ photo albums to find pics of family in the front garden with windows behind I’d do it! You may be a little more sane, in which case the Ntl Archives may have pics 🙂

Forgot to mention that other type of window you brought up – the standard Edwardian one with a vertical bar down the centre dividing the window into two vertically opening casements. These nearly always had a horizontal pane of stained glass at the top, that was either fixed, or opened inwards by tilting.
This seems the most likely if there is stained glass in the aluminiums. This may not be orginal galss as it is probably difficult to fit the original into metal frames, but it could be.
Your neighbour’s house should offer the most clues if it is attached to you.
Maybe you could contact the person you bought the house from either.

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