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The houses on the road differ slightly in style (some terraced, some semi-d, some detached, some bay window, some box window, some just flat fronted), so I’m not sure that the originals that are there can be relied on… One thing that is throwing me off is that there is a small pane of stained glass (which seems to be original) built into the aluminium replacements. The aluminium windows at front are dived horizontally about a quarter of the way down, with the top quarter (which opens) in stained glass.

There is a house on the road which seems to have a sash window (which looks original) where the top sash is divided in two, with the upper half stained glass. Does this sound like a regular feature of the period?

I have been advised to check the National Archives for old photos of the road, so I might try that.

Finally, any suggestions of good joiners places to go to get the sash windows made up?

Thanks, GP

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