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Ah here i go reviving old threads via google searches again! I would be inclined to agree with graham and say that the house has sashes rather than casements. There’s lots of similar houses around the harolds cross area from the same era and they all have sashes with just the basic 1 over 1. The proportions of the window dont seem right for casements – which are what a lot of houses around terenure would have had…… but only downstairs….. sashes on the upper floors…. thats another possibility.

Whilst on the topic I’m making a victorian sash window for my Leaving Cert construction project and have unearthed an awful lot of technical specs if anybody is interested. Also I can recommend an excellent joiner (friend of my dads) who does an awful lot of high quality replica sash / casement windows and doors for restoration jobs on houses. Glenlyon Enterprises in Dublin 12 – he’ll be in the phonebook.

And finally one question which i can’t manage to find a direct answer to…. it came up in conversation here before on the ‘irish say no to pvc windows’ thread…… whats the difference between the horns on a victorian and a georgian sash window?? I’ve managed to find the differences in the glazing bars etc… but not the horns…



On looking at the above picture of the window and the door, id say that casements with the stained glass on top of them were on the lower floor, with the 1 over 1 sashes on top. ill Get some pictures of similar houses tomorrow afternoon. I know this thread is so old that the job is probably long since finished but its nice to know!

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