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ah here I go bring back old threads again. A couple of google searches showed up this posting.

Im planning ahead for my leaving cert construction project starting next september. I plan to construct a georgian sash window, which I’ve managed to get planty of drawings etc of general sash windows (not specifically original georgian style, mainly modern replicas), and Ive even got some work experience with a joiner in making sash’s.

For my written project, I want to do a comparative study between a georgian townhouse (eg fitzwilliam street), and a modern townhouse. My main point it that Fitzwilliam street is still standing after nearly 300 years, and well modern townhouses just done last as long…..

My main studies are basic wall construction, roof construction, jointing methods, door arches etc. I intend to pay a visit to the irish georgian society in Merrion Square (anyone know can you just call in or do you have to ring in advance or what??), and also have a browse around the libraries etc.

What should I be looking for in terms of books, for info on details on construction techniques etc, and more importantly, accurate details on window construction from the 18th Century.

Regards in advance,

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