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A great source for house styles in any locality is the Lawrence Photographic Collection (C.1906) in the National Library. Thankfully it provides a photographic record of most of the important houses that were burnt down in the Twenties. It also shows scenic views that frequently contain a view of the local big house (The landlords knew where to build!) Bence-Jones’ book, (from memory, his father was a rector in W. Cork so he is good on that area) is great, particularly for period interior shots, but most of the photos relate to the “grander” style house, and not the plainer middle-size house, which usually are not illustrated. Many of the photos in that book are attributed to the Lawrences.

I imagine that big house architecture in W. Cork would also be influenced by S. Kerry (and vice-a-versa) so a look at Franklin Fuller’s S. Kerry houses would be worthwhile. His mother was a local”Big House” girl, a Bland from Derryquin Castle, and he designed/remodelled many houses on the Bland Estate around Sneem (extensions to Derryquin and the Bishop’s House at Parknasilla, and family or relatives&#8217][/url] for records on Fuller.


Kerry – I am in your debt for these very helpful and southwest specific period property references.

I am so glad I posted here, thanks to all for your invaluable help it has saved me countless and probably
many fruitless research hours !

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