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I’ll let you in on a little secret- the first time Co Waterford was surveyed for the NIAH, I was involved in the latter stages. But for some reason the management saw fit not to publish it and to resurvey it all from scratch. Sure it’s only taxpayers’ money.:rolleyes: So I’m a little surprised I didn’t actually remember the house. Or maybe I did and I’m just leading you on…;)

Another secret? My first guess was c.1825-1830, but I got cold feet for some reason and went for the more general (evasive) mid-C19th. Out of practice, I suppose.

The reason I guessed original rather than repro were:
Window to wall ratio;
Low sills;
Lack of basement;
Wide eaves; and
Tripartite plan.
I’m not sure a new-build would have got these right.

But perhaps most tellingly, it was the simple garden and two very ordinary cars in the driveway.:) If it were a repro, the garden would look like the flora version of a Baroque chapel interior and the cars would be far more ostentatious.

Seriously, though, there’s an air of elegant simplicity about the whole that is usually missed in repro new builds, which generally try much too hard with bolt-on frilly ironwork, too much glass / bay windows in the wrong places, railed lightwells for basements even on house types that wouldn’t have had them, raised plaster quoins, etc. And where they get the details right enough, the proportions are often wrong. (That’s why I was curious about the door- seemed like a modern mis-step.)

Anyway, glad to know my rep is intact. Heh.

(Ergo- I hope you’re taking notes.:) )

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