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I note with interest, Graham, that the image size is smaller than your usual.;) But I’ll try anyway.

At a guess, it’s not a replica, or if it is it uses some older materials such as slates. It looks like an older house that has been considerably refurbished- walls very smooth and neat, etc. Although the front door or whatever it is in the porch looks most odd- a new door in an old ope, or evidence of a high quality repro throughout?

I’ll say mid-19th century, and I’ll prepare to hang my head in shame. (This is revenge for the Redbrick wall/Ladies in Red, isn’t it?:) )

PS Re the Craig book- everyone should have it. Probably the best introduction to the evolution of the Irish country house available. It’s been out of print for years and changing hands for silly money on the www. The day I saw it in a Dublin bookshop my heart skipped a beat. I’ve been waiting 10 years for this moment. But, like the taxi plates, I feel a little sorry for anyone who bought an original just before the republication.

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