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That book sounds fascinating – must get my hands on a copy too!

The fact that your client is looking for a “Victorian or Georgian” residence ergo is perhaps suggestive of a desire for a general ‘old’ design, without necessarily aping either period given the complexity of establishing former structures – would this be the case? Needless to say there is a world of difference to the two as you know (admittedly less so in early-mid 19th century modest houses).

Generally speaking, Regency and Victorian designs seem to go down much better with people when it comes to building replicas; the combination of large windows and elegant restrained decoration is generally preferred to the ‘acquired taste’ of austere Irish Georgian. It is also arguably more suited to modern-day living with regards layout and scaled down interior spaces.

This fondness would appear to be supported by the bizarre amount if early 1990s Regency-style villas that feature in the likes of The Sunday Times property supplement every few weeks – single storey, long, low-lying ‘villas’ with all the detailing of an 1830ish house, if often clunikly proportioned and detailed. Most however are pretty good from a distance at least, and so is perhaps an option to consider.

Two-storey versions are also available 🙂 – like this, if a little more austere than many.

Test: Is this an original or not ctesiphon? 😉

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