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Well, to add in my penny’s worth, being also neither from Dublin nor Belfast, but knowing both reasonably well…
You cannot judge an architectural project from the photos or drawings (what some people will insist on calling ‘renders’). You need to go and see it, walk through it , use it. So, I can’t comment on Victoria Square (which I first saw over 40 years ago) in any absolute sense, but it looks to have pressed all the right buttons for a city centre mixed-use scheme; critically. it has retained some pattern of streets (although the original VS was an elongated triangle), although these may be private space masquerading as public space (try having a political demo there, or skateboarding).
Compared to Dublin, Belfast is hopelessly provincial (although some might so regard Dublin) and is about half the size in population terms (depending as always where you draw the boundaries) and, in spite of brave attempts at pretending, it is not a capital. But any development that obliterates the memory of ‘security barriers’ gets my vote!

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