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The Gaelic spellings are from the post Independence days. (Queen) Victoria Street for example was translated to Sraid na BhuaidheVictory Street.

DCC are even dumbing down the Irish spellings on these new cheapo signs.
For example, Sraid na Bhuaidhe has been replaced with Sraid Victoria.
Sraid Mhaoilbhríde has now been changed to Sraid Marlborough.

The fact remains that 99% of Dubliners can’t read Irish, let alone Gaelic script.. so why not keep the Irish language in it’s original Gaelic script? It’s more pleasing to the eye IMO; and Irish speakers have no problem reading them. The introduction of italicised Gaelic signs a few years ago was purposefully designed to make the language less noticeable. I find that rather insulting.

What do you guys make of the italicised Gaelic signs compared to the old ones?

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