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1. Water Taxis in the Docks, from Howth to Dalkey.
2. Intelligent traffic lights that communicate with each other, rather than stopping cars at a red light for 3 minutes at 6am with no other cars in sight. And some intelligent planning for the roads in and out of the city.
3. Finally do something about the train service (Irish Rail anyway). Get the stations revamped with some level of shelter. For example the station at Donabate has a small room that fits about 8 people and that’s it. Outside the station the BIKES have more shelter than the people on the platform. With constant delays and rain, at least they could provide some shelter! And improve the car parking.
4. A series of 300 metre tall revolving restaurants throughout the city, with express elevators. They will dot the landscape and provide a fantastic way to eat, drink, and enjoy the view.
5. Fix the roads, for the love of..the motorways are OK wonder the country doesn’t have a decent theme park, all week need to do is drive on the roads for that “Rollercoaster/Dodgem” feeling. Pot holes that never get filled in, and terrible workmanship abounds. I can see them now “Just lash the tar down there for jaysus sake”
6. Clean the city/country up! I work by the Grand Canal and every day see cans of beer dumped all over the place that were there the week before. Improve recycling facilities, provide more bins, more litter wardens, heavier fines.
7. Dublin Airport. What a load of crap that greets visitors..fastrack the improvements!
8. Improve cycle lanes and provide drop-and-go pushbike services..I just get the feeling that the city is not cycle friendly whatsoever.
9. Get the junkies off the boardwalk – enforce the law with heavy boot and iron fist.

There are some suggestions anyway. We may be a wealthy country but things need to be improved.
There is a lot of mediocrity that people have to put up with in this country, and the people are losing patience.

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