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Most certainly – it is interesting to note the difference in attitudes towards terraced housing in the UK and in Ireland.
Whereas in the major cities in the UK that are jam-packed with Victorian terraces for then considered lower middle class and middle middle class, here terraces are still considered to be the lowest of the low in the housing heirarchy.

Yet even the most exclusive housing in the capital on Palmerstown Road or Morehampton Rd etc are all terraced!
Fair enough we can do without their prairie back gardens today, but they’re good examples of how housing can still be built to a high density and can be very commodious with three storey over-basement, without having to go the apartment route.
It never fails to astonish how vast the seemingly modest Edwardian semis/terraces of Glasnevin etc are – most have five bedrooms and 3 recs.

The problem with terraces is that they’re very much so associated with major urban centres, and the very notion of building them in a field in Mullingar is not even on the radar of developers in this country.
Nor even is the idea of mixed developments – with a multitude of units to cater for different needs, from tall family terraces and/or semis, to apartments for younger/older/single persons etc.
Just row upon row upon row of yellow semis with three bedrooms and often a single person clattering about inside.

It’s partially the developers/planners fault, but also the mindset of young people wanting to grab hold of a 3-bed semi for future security.

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