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The population of south London is less than 5 million! the total of London is about 8 million. it has been declining since 1950!due to migration to places like Nottingham etc.

Northern Ireland is 1.7million
Republic of Ireland 4.04million(2004)(expected to reach 5 million 2025)
I’m not defending the planning system etc. But ireland is growing faster than critics and planner ever thought and is growing ever faster , so it hard to get the balance when there is explosive population and when demand is greater than supply which is probaly one of the reason to why the sprawl is continuing to the extent.
The Celtic tiger is stlil in full swing so i don’t thin the sprawl will slow down either, well not this genration anyway !I think its totally inadequete and way out of proportion to allow so much suburban devlepment around little villages that totally destroy the charachter and the local community.

Apart from the current plans for future development of Ireland and the National spatial strategy , I wonder what will be the result of all this sprawl and to what extent will it change Ireland of the present day?
good and bad..

Dublin really needs to get a grip with it, If Dublin is now the third top tourist city destination in Europe after London and Paris , well they really need to sort out the mess before the city get totally choked and loses its status, because Dublin desrves to have all these tourist with the current problems,
Its getting to expensive to live in the city, which is forcing people out of the city which created a negative impact on the traffic as Dublin now depends so heavilly on commuters.therefore triggering more sprawl then more traffic, so its a no win situation!
Dublin is now one of the most car dependant cities in Europe. This is just crazy.
As a result of the Urban sprawl we now live a quarter of our day commuting in our cars, utter madness.
Ia there Any real Fecking plan for a decent intergrated public transport system.
I’m sick and tired of all these fancy plans on it etc..
and on the papers every few weeks and saying how much the government are going to spend and spend on , dates etc..
It took 20 years to get the Port tunnel started
M50 since 1990
the Metro is still high in the sky, and cost 2 billion to build!, when a large chunk of the metro system in Copenhagen didn’t cost much???
(even though Copenhagen is more diificult build underground and a more expnsive city )

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