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I completely agree with the paper quoted. Suburban and ex-urban sprawl, particularly at the farcically low densities at which they are built, are the direct cause of increased reliance on the car, increased commuting times, consequent pollution, polarised mono-cultural communities, reduced cultural opportunity, a degraded rural environment, a missed opportunity re our towns and cities …… Ranting a bit but I could go on. That a country of 5 million people (inc. the North) (basically the size of South London) cannot plan its physical environment (which we all claim as so precious) in a sustainable fashion is a sorry indictment of politicians, local councillors, voters, planners, money grabbing gombeen men and the apathetic public at large. Contrary to the above I don’t think that the Irish have any real feel for nor commitment to a sustainable urban and rural future.

I have friends they have bought starter houses out in Kildare and to a certain extent I can sympathise given the cost in Dublin. But what are young working childless couples doing in a three bed houses with front and back gardens (they never use or concrete over) which they basically occupy from 7pm to 7am. A complete waste of space. The demographic of Ireland is such that two parent three odd child families are very very much in the minority yet we keep building and buying such inflexible space.

And as for the architecture don’t get me started.

Happy to flag a positive alternative.

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