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Well remembered! Wasn’t that in the context of the reordering of Cobh Catherdal? That the O’Neill scheme would provide the perfect backdrop for our ladies?

Quiz 6
The Afternoon Show
Deal Or No Deal
Rikki Lake

All in a day’s work when Archiseek is having an afternoon nap. Why, how do you fill your afternoons?:)

Seriously, I mention it probably because it’s the first instance of bad home-produced tv that springs to mind when I’m looking for an example- charmingly inept in places, frustratingly amateurish in others (eh… apparently). Nothing to do with the ladies, I’m afraid (unlike my love of Rikki!).
If the view of Merrion Sq were real, that might be something else, but I can see the real thing for free any day I choose.

PS The videos were great.

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