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yy yyou you mean you weren’t christened ctesiphon Mr c? 😮
And here was me thinking Ptolemy Dean was your big shot brother, with poor ctesiphon left behind in Oirland to take care of the farm.

Heheh – your dry humour always makes me laugh notjim :). Never mind the Pillar, I remember Gardiner when he was in short trousers! – i.e. when he was in his forties, along with his waistcoat and stockings 😀
And the present day Boardwalk troubles are nothing compared to those Butcher Boys – ye don’t know how good you have it!

Never went out of my way to deceive, but must admit to not exactly shouting matters from the rooftops either. As I’ve been outed, I s’pose tngz wil jst hav 2 chng wont dey?

Anyway, it’s embarrassing ressurrecting one’s own thread by replying, so if it could die a sudden death that would be appreciated.

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