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Great pic notjim. Must check out around there 😉

I see the West Front facing College Green is being fully illuminated this week for the first time in well over three years, being almost entirely in darkness for the past year and a patchworked shambles for an eternity prior to that. Indeed, I don’t ever recall the scheme being properly maintained.

It is quite the shock to see the facade glowering over College Green after the fall of darkness. It adds an entirely new dimension to the city’s living room, drawing a direct reference to the Bank of Ireland’s beautifully lit curved screen walls across the road – itself a much underrated scheme by virtue of its flawless subtlety – while also making for a new focal point when approaching from Dame Street.

Sadly, need it even be mentioned what the glaringly predictable problem is. To use some choice Dublineese, “jaysus Maryyy, not more bloody arrennge“!!!


So near, yet so far.

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