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Anyway, thanks: that’s pity, an hour is too long for it to work for commuters.

Even worse. Irish Rail’s current plan is to have THREE trains a day from Ballina to Limerick via Tuam WHICH IS NOT GOING TO SERVE TO GALWAY DIRECTLY.

It you want to eh “commute” from Tuam to Galway one will have to make a connection at Athenry for a Dublin-Galway train. That’s assuming the three daily southbound trains at Tuam do not arrive at 1, 6 and 9PM which in all likelihood they will.

Not Irish rails fault for this situation, they had this joke forced upon them and the above service is about the only way they can make it work in some shape or form.

So much for business people communting up and down the West coast to Ebay’s World HQ in Swinford as West on Track had people believing.

The 6 grannies on free travel passes will be delighted.

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