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I still maintain however that development of infrastructure must not be just in answer to chronic need and where it is occurring in advance of this, hopefully stimulating investment and the attractiveness of the region, then it should be welcomed. Thats all I’m saying.[/QUOTE]

I agree totally with this, public transport infrastructure shouldn’t always be built as a reaction to chronic need, advance planning is ok too. By way of an example, I believe my own neck of the woods (Cork city) has reached a stage where I believe light rail / trams should be introduced linking the major suburbs. This doesn’t mean it has reached the stage (in terms of congestion) that Dublin was at 3 years ago when it finally got the Luas – far from. It merely means I believe it has reached the stage in terms of population, movement of people and planned population increase where in most other European countries a proper public transport infrastructure (not just irregular and sparse bus routes) would be put in place.

The WRC may be a different kettle of fish but I’ll stay out of that debate as I know little on the topic. I do think that reddys statement above is very true and a proper criticism of how infrastructure is planned in this country however.

On a related topic, the Greens (before they became chief mourner’s at Bertie’s funeral) claimed as part of the programme for government to have negotiated the procurement of full reports into the viability of light rail in Cork and Galway within the first year (I think) of the government’s life. Has anything been done in this regard?

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