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I laugh at this. Shannon lost its Heathrow slots because it gave Ryanair a sweetheart deal to compete on the London route and then Aer Lingus began to consider its options. It’s the management’s own fault and the ceos etc should have been complaining to them rather than believing that a listed company should serve their interests.

I completely agree that Shannon has been badly mismanaged and it will only improve now that its been left to sink or swim. They’ll have to raise the bar to survive.

However the real point about the loss of the Heathrow slots was the question over the point of the government maintaining a stake in the airline. If the airline is to run as a listed interest and not serve the national interest then the government should pull out.

Thanks also for some more composed replies to this thread. Think I got a bit defensive!!

I still maintain however that development of infrastructure must not be just in answer to chronic need and where it is occurring in advance of this, hopefully stimulating investment and the attractiveness of the region, then it should be welcomed. Thats all I’m saying.

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