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I dont agree with the Buchanan report by the way (more condescension). I think the concentration of investment in major centres is of course the most effective way to development but the concentration of investment in one major conurbation running the length of the East coast is completely unsustainable and will just reinforce the problems which Dublin is suffering


Just to follow on from Alonso’s point, failure to pursue the Buchanan Reports findings have meant that the “concentration of investment in one major conurbation running the length of the East coast” has happened, is happening, and will continue to happen. Wildly spraying development over the ‘west’ coast, with a range of dubious state supported infrastructure (be they airports or raillines) does nothing to balance regional development. It just results in the failure of any of these regional centres to gain or sustain critical mass, and growth, and population continuing to migrate to Dublin.

Once more and with feeling, scale is critical if firms are to able to take advantage of the increasing returns to scale and external economies of scale associated with urban settlements. We’re a very small country with one urban settlement of any scale (and even then its only a medium size city), entertaining the fantasy that every town of more than 2000 people can hope to compete for businesses is both dangerous and counterproductive. Building critical mass in a small number of larger settlements with their own hinterland is the only way of slowing the relative growth of Dublin vs the rest of the country. In reality, on a national level, the only real question should be whether or not Waterford should be considered as large enough to qualify as such. Otherwise, the message is simple and has been for decades, concentrate on the city regions of Cork, Limerick and Galway as the key nodes for future growth. With proper planning, prioritised infrastructure delivery, and the appropriate industrial development policies, it may even be possible to at least partially balance regional development.

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