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@Angry Rebel wrote:

Round of applause me arse.

T21.. what exactly have they been doing? They’ve been busy designing a new logo, I see.

“PPP Luas” – Stephen’s Green to Fassaroe, meandering over the M50, left here, right there, over the moor and down the valley… I mean, c’mon, this feckless meandering through PPP developments is going to feck all of us over eventually. The Luas network will be entirely inadequate once its cross-county branches are complete.

How much will it cost us, the tax payers, to straighten this southern line for the inevitable Metro to Bray? This is the M50 all over again, but worse. This is classic Paddy planning. Ten years from now we’ll all be forking out phenomenal amounts of cash to correct ‘our’ mistakes.

The Interconnector should be under construction now. Not after the money runs out from building silly train sets around the three counties.

My heart sinks.

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