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oh for God’s sake! If the people of the West can’t see the WRC as the electoral bribe it is then God help the region.,To build this useless piece of crap while Dublin and Cork and other cities choke is typical parish pump gombeenism at it’s most rapacious.If you can put a case forward for the WRC over any single rail proposal for Dublin from either T21 or the DTO Strategy from a national perspective (yes National), please do. I’ll reinforce my sides for the response as I’m sure they’ll split – especially those population figures quoted before – talk about lame – compare let’s say the Western rail corridors scattered car-happy catchment to I dunno – Swords with 120,000 people, across the field from a Blanch with 100,000 people,not forgetting of course the wee village of Tallaght growing (up and up) to over 100,000) – North Bray 30,000, Inner Dublin up to 600,000 and beyond. Phase1 of the Navan Rail line from City centre to Pace will probably carry more than this ludicrous nonsense of a line

There are 33,000 people in Swords and 500,000 people in Dublin City according to the 2006 census

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