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Major Centres! Not one major centre. Thats where I dont agree with what your saying. Major centres can potentially include Dublin, Cork, Limerick-Ennis-Shannon, Galway, Sligo, Waterford, Athlone and many others.
The consolidation of development in the country to the East coast has been espoused recently in the Skehan/Sirr plan

I completely agree about Cork being underdeveloped.

I also completely agree that those areas in Dublin urgently need transport provision. However it should not consistently be at the expense of other parts of the state.

The IFSC was originally planned for Shannon actually and Charlie Haughey placed it in Dublin in a pre election manifesto. The free zone was located at what was the worlds busiest airport at the time and a centre of international connection and trade.

Please tell me where I was offensive or pompous by the way? I apologise.

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