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ah yes a pompous bombastic response filled with “we are the worst people on earth”-isms: can I direct you to the p11 board?

Bombastic perhaps. Pompous? I find the arrogant posturing and grandstanding of “western advocates” who by cutting yet another ribbon and by developing another field con their electorate into believing it’s all good for the region to be far more offensive and pompous. This attitude displayed by yourself and reddy is EXACTLY what’s compromising the development of the Western seaboard. Until settlements in Connacht start realistically aiming for critical mass it will always be like this.

This is far beyond the WRC as I alluded to earlier. What other nation on earth would people elect a Government Party TD to fight against Govt policy, as the Shannonsiders did with O’Dea-Vote Fianna Fail to prevent FF Policy being implemented?

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