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Well basically what you’re espousing is a one sided development of infrastructure in the country. I think its about time we began to provide infrastructure which will stimulate growth and development rather than play catch up at providing infrastructure after the fact.

Where did I espouse that. All I’m espousing is a halt on our money being flushed down the crypto infested drains of the West. Consolidate.You’ve been pushing this same agenda aince the foundation of th4 State.It has failed the West, it has failedCork and it has failed Dublin.I advocate a changing of the record

Alonso when you say choose one and then leave us alone. What the hell is that meant to mean? What are you grouchy that your precious tax money is being spent on infrastructure projects in the West? It works both ways. There are more than 4 million people on this island and less than half live in Dublin. This Dublin centric view is suprising especially on an island as small as ours and I’m disappointed to see it on this site where I thought people were in favour of the sensible development of the country and not just Dublin.

Because between Sligo,Knock, Shannon, Galway, Derry and Cork,the Western and Southern seaboards have managed yet again to dilute all of our taxes into ineffective small scattered facilities that don’t seem to work,while Dublin is over congested waiting for investment that’s a decade overdue.Had Cork been developed to a greater extent rather than dispersing funds this may not have happened

I posted those population figures not to be competing with Dublin by the way but purely to prove a point that a rail service is more than viable along this corridor.

I posted the figures to prove that a rail service was urgent along those corridors.

You should bear in mind that Shannon free zone is the largest industrial centre outside the IFSC. It is a major economic generator and has a regional and national impact.

It’s a fabricated economic zone in a senseless location.Why didn’t they do an IFSC in Limerick City?

I dont agree with the Buchanan report by the way (more condescension). I think the concentration of investment in major centres is of course the most effective way to development but the concentration of investment in one major conurbation running the length of the East coast is completely unsustainable and will just reinforce the problems which Dublin is suffering now.

No One advocated that ever. Not I nor Sir Colin Buchanan.EVer. You’ve managed to state your disagreement with Buchanan yet then espouse the central tenet of the wholebloody document – “I think the concentration of investment in major centres is of course the most effective way to development”.

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