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It is happening faster than other projects, because, as with Shannon Airport, the political muscle in “the West” is far better organised and better flexed than elsewhere in the country.

Dont be ridiculous. If tou remember correctly the lobby to save the Shannon Heathrow slots failed so clearly the political muscle isnt as powerful as you’d like to think. The WRC is being built because it will serve a large population.

The population of Limerick city and the immediate urban area (environs/suburbs) is 90778, the population of Galway city and environs is 72729 (based on the 2006 census carried out by the CSO), the population of Ennis is approaching 32,000 (projected population for 2008). This gives a total of over 195,000.

The Ennis-Limerick rail line is currently carrying 200,000 passengers a year. This will increase exponentially as more towns and especially Galway city are brought onto the network.

This planning of infrastructure to serve large populations and encourage growth and stimulate activity is exactly the kind of forward planning we need. Criticism of its implementation is quite a strange thing to see here to be honest.

And please don’t condescend us by claiming the WRC and indeed Shannon airport are parochial, self centred concerns. The loss of the Heathrow slots at Shannon will have been a major blow to the the competitiveness of the entire Western region, evidenced by the srong opposition to the plan from the CEOs of major international corporations, not just councillors, TDs and priests. The WRC is a strategic project central to providing a viable alternative to investment and population growth along the Eastern seaboard.

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