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the real tragedy is that the line in Galway is single track, so intercity trains from Limerick and Dublin as well as Athenry commuter have to use a single track system. Also if the govt. had any sence, there would be a direct Galway Waterford service to accomidate a one change Galway-Cork servive. Otherwise a journey from Galway to Cork would require 2 changes. It would even be possible to make a minor inexpensive track alteration at Limerick Junction to allow direct Cork-Galway service. That would be what really gets the customers out of cars as changing trains can be a hastle

I’ve actually studied Limerick junction’s location and it wouldn’t be that hard to put a direct curve from Cork to Limerick at the junction, similar to the Limerick to Dublin curve.

But then again Irish Rail don’t do sense :p

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