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I’d have a few concerns about the WRC myself but the positives far outweigh the negatives.

I don’t see any positives at all. I looks good on the rail map of Ireland but that’s it. Every argument for the WRC could be used to justify the Limerick to Rosslare service if it didn’t already exist. The WRC will be patronised even less that Limerick to Rosslare which also looks reasonable on the rail map but is a complete waste of time. Here’s a novel thought; provide rail where there’s a demand for it and where it is going to succeed; it’s not hard to know where that is – you don’t even have to research international findings – just look at the national experience. Rail works well between or in areas of high population density. The latest once-off housing free-for-all announced by Mayo county council show that there will never be the type of settlement patterns along the line to justify more rail lines there. The Panda is right – the WRC is a bad Irish joke.

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